So, what’s wrong with our modern society?

Our society has changed a lot; some of the changes are good, some bad and some are just copied from foreign influence. Don’t know from where to start as it has rotten from all the sides.


This is biggest casualty of change. Morality has totally disappeared from our society. In earlier times, people gave more respect to honest and/or educated people but now only powerful get the respect. No wonder now people with muscle power and political power are most respected in social life.

Materialistic approach:

Previously, not only money was important but how it was earned was equally important. People with dubious wealth never got any respect in public life. But a blind race to earn money by any means has now started and it led to increased corruption in the society. Everyone is busy making money; doctors, educationists, schools, hospitals, politicians, bureaucrats and even common man. Schools and hospitals have become money-spinning machines. Food adulteration is rampant and to save some money, industries have taken short cuts for waste disposals.

Absence of sense of belonging:

This is an impact of urbanization. Urban society doesn’t make you feel that you are part of a system; you are just one of thousands of people living in that township and that leaves increased isolation & hatred and no feeling for welfare of others.

Pressure to excel:

Earlier, even if you are best cook of a small village, you were happy. Not anymore, as with increased communications whole country has become a single town. This has resulted in increased level of competition and unless you are best in a state or country, you won’t be satisfied. This has made everyone depressed and dissatisfied.

Neglecting health:

With urbanization, most of the time is lost in commuting, leaving very little time for exercise and taking care of health. Every third person is suffering from hyper tension, blood pressure, diabetic and stress related ailments just due to this fatal negligence.

Unhygienic food:

With fast-paced life, craze for fast food/junk food has also increased. Changed lifestyle and diet are now common causes of diabetic and hyper tension.

Lack of Civic sense:

You will find dirt everywhere. All the rivers are polluted, all the streets are filthy. Same Pakistanis may walk half a mile to dispose of waste in other countries but once in own country, they don’t bother to walk even few yards. They just throw the garbage on the roads. There is no respect for discipline, none for social responsibility and total disregard for laws of land.

Lack of Social responsibility:

We don’t want to support social warfare programs – we don’t seem to care about sick people, vets who need medical help. We don’t want to pay taxes when the taxes are going to help make roads, schools, etc.

But how to mend it? From where to start over again?

Don’t Judge. Please change your perception; first understand and then judge. Don’t force your thoughts onto someone.

Be Happy. Of course hard work is great but sometimes little work may just be good enough. You should certainly aim for the best but also appreciate what you have and make the most of it.

Live now with what you currently have. It’s OK if you are not the CEO of a company. Or you are not working towards it. You might be happier living in a less stylish house but closer to the people that really matter to you.

Pay Attention: Maybe someone have some kind of complication with something; if you look into it, maybe your help can make his day.

Courtesy of Daily Times

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