CIA righteously labelled Bajrang Dal as a militant outfit

Every organisation work on some sort of protocol but its only beneficial to the society when profit of particular section is not based on humiliation or exploitation of other sections.

Every person has his or her own thinking about how to lead life, what to wear, what to celebrate, when to venture out… and its completely fine if they want to lead it that way. But the problem starts when you try to force your dictates on others. No one and i mean No one has rights to do that, making suggestions is something else, forcing them is altogether different.

Bajrang Dal is a hopeless extremist group made of random, ignorant, un-educated, and violent people without any real hindu ideology, who have no clue about real Hinduism and they are as extreme as they come just like any other terrorist organization. The Bajrang Dal have been classified as religious militant outfit in CIA’s World Factbook, and in my opinion CIA righteously labelled it.

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