Some thoughts on Independence Day…

Today we mark the 71st Independence Day. When i looked back in past and analyzed our progress and achievements, I feel proud, but i also felt, that it was not enough; I was thinking beyond that. I was thinking that how a country like ours could achieve true prosperity? Or what makes a country prosperous?

So, after brainstorming i ended up with these points, the main factors of a prosperous country seem to be are:

  • Innovation
  • Efficient tax collection
  • Efficient governance
  • Socially progressive environment
  • Competitive business environment

Furthermore, it makes sense that properly implemented taxation correlates with the prosperity as it enables governments to fund things like education and healthcare.

So whenever somebody is going to say that we need to increase (or decrease) taxes, let them know that it sounds like a cheap trick. Instead, the focus should go to the things like:

  • Making it easier to operate a business
  • Making tax collection more efficient and transparent
  • Having less bureaucracy
  • Putting cronies away
  • Open System
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