Hinder the modus operandi

Whenever you come across a problem which needs a visit to a government office & by virtue you face a ‘public servant’ for the job which needs to be done, you would notice that they perpetrate their work with ludicrous laziness.

An efficient government performs its tasks as well and as cheaply as possible. The conscientious, productive workers are willing to work hard for relatively low wages. It would be ideal if everyone in the service resembled them; but this thing does not happen in Pakistan. After all, why slog meticulously when you’re spending other (tax-payer) people’s money?

Public agencies are not just intermittent with these tactics, this is almost everywhere. One quotidian instance is in courts. Lawyers have several delay tactics at their disposal, ranging from sending in junior associates to hearings to filing numerous pre-trial applications. When juniors are sent for a hearing, a usual excuse heard in the courtroom is that the legal counsel had to be in the Supreme Court or the High Court, and hence a new date should be fixed, delaying the process further.

Change of lawyers in mid-stream has been one of the tactics to delay the case. Some ethical lawyers feel that judges need to be more vigilant and understand the intent of the lawyers behind that to accelerate the process in due course.

Another example is when you complain about someone to higher authority, but unfortunately, higher command sometimes issue, transfer-posting-suspension orders, which aggregately deteriorate the situation.

The lucid way to elucidate the mess is to dismiss them from the service & hire new people.

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