Who will benefit the most from War between India and Pakistan?

Indian subcontinent under the Mughal’ was famous for its wealth and prosperity. The Mughal’ military and cultural achievements were possible because of the affluence that stemmed from agriculture, manufacturing, and overland and maritime trade.

Despite the sometimes extortionate demands that the Mughal state made, the establishment of a structure of systematic government and a level of security stimulated trade and manufacturing.  

During the British Era, plunder of wealth from the Indian territories under East India Company’s rule by oppressive policies impoverished the local populations. Later, trade policies, import and export duties were designed to adversely affect subcontinent’ exports, first by dumping the finished goods from Britain into subcontinent, while importing only raw materials from it.

This collapsed the local industry. The now impoverished cheap bonded labor was exported to other British plantations world over. The cheap resources quenched were used to fuel British economy. There is no greater misfortune than to be ruled by a foreign power when an age of technological revolution is onset.

Subcontinent’ traditional industry, denied of access for export of finished goods, and impoverished by British policies, lacked the capital to retool and compete with now technologically advanced foreign industry. The taxes collected from the locals, financed Britain’s wars for expansion of the empire.

On the cultural front, they fueled dissent to boost egos, perhaps for their long term goal. Enablers became inhibiters, ultimately becoming fuel in a fire lit by others.

Time changed we became independent

But nowadays what is going on? What we are doing? Still their policies are being followed on. They used the famous ‘Divide and Rule’ to make their way, we are doing the same, only difference is that our chunk has shrunk.

Nowadays global community is only fueling our fire of feud, they make huge sums of money by selling weapon. With 24×7 threat of war and accession both countries spend huge money on arms which otherwise would be spent on education, health, infrastructure development Et cetera. Why don’t we understand? They have bestowed interest in having us in hostility. Since, Pakistan’ geographic location is highly important from Geo political point of view. Global powers will never let peace prevail between these two countries.

If you look at major arms suppliers in world, US, China, Russia, UK, Israel they all sell their weaponry to us.

USA and/or China get a friendly partner whether they are creating their base to control Asia. US used Pakistan to control Russia. China is using Pakistan to gain control over sea and to keep a check on India.

On other hand Russia become too close to India in cold war era just to excel their position in Asia, In fact Russia and India were considered in the ‘other bloc’ and were closely related. India is believed to be the second largest customer of Russian arms (and overall major importer in the world).

But the time has changed, yesterday’ friends are now to some extent foes, and the rivals became partners.  But if we want to move on, we must recall our past, let’s think about it, are these so called ‘friends’ are real friend, the reality is that no one in the global community befriend, they all thrive on their ‘interests’, the only reality is that we are neighbors and that reality is atop all other possibilities.

If we want’ our people to have real prosperity or want them alive, then we must step-down. We should understand that Mutual Assured Destruction would not ultimately benefit this patch of land.

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