Common man vs. Common knowledge of law

There is almost always a law that would protect these people, but they had never heard of them. The systems to enforce these laws are corrupt, or broken, or both.

Giving ordinary people a knowledge of the law, and how to use it to initiate change, empowers people and strengthens democracy.

It is all too easy, when we study constitutional cases and debate government policies, to think of them as intellectual exercises. They are that, but they are also much more than that.  Understanding the human costs of government policies can help us gain a richer, fuller, and more passionate commitment to protecting constitutional values.

If we want to make justice a reality for everyone, we need to turn the threat into something everyone can understand and use. Legal empowerment is about making the protections of the law accessible to ordinary people.

There is a high perception of impunity in Pakistan, though perceptions of government accountability vary across cities. Respondents in Lahore are said to be more optimistic concerning government accountability while respondents in Quetta are the least.

Pakistanis believe that a significant number of authorities are involved in corrupt practices. Police force is viewed as the most corrupt authority by respondents while judges and magistrates are seen as the least corrupt.

Incompetence of criminal investigators has been cited as the most serious problem facing criminal investigative services in Pakistan, while inadequate resources were likely to be considered as their most serious problem facing criminal courts.

Of those oppressed, only few turned to an authority or third party to adjudicate, mediate, or help resolve their problem. Nearly almost every second person reported experiencing a hardship as a result of their legal problem, with stress related illnesses being the most common hardship reported.

It is a general perception in Pakistan that government officers must be prosecuted and punished for their wrongdoings.

One of the many reasons citizens are unable to challenge wrongdoings in society is because they are unaware of how to do so.

These issues stem from the fact that people are unaware of the frameworks of politics and legalities in society. Political education and legal awareness are necessary for a citizen to know their constitutional rights, understand what is happening in the status quo, be able to formulate an informed opinion about it, and be empowered and qualified enough to do something about it.

One way to address the issue is to run a prime-time TV show on major TV channels, in which legal rights and laws could be discussed in an easy to understand manner. Yes I do agree that, there are some people who had the initiative to run this on social media, but I believe that mass media such as TV have a lasting impression on mind. How about muster intellectual snobs and forge it into completely different??

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