I don’t like the fancy hashtag #MadeinPakistan, but Why?

I have noticed, that some of the folks are running a campaign on social media across multiple platforms like Facebook and Twitter to promote locally made products and brands, that’s really good, but I don’t know why or ultimately they are discouraging foreign companies to invest by doing such hashtag campaigns.

What they don’t understand is that, such local brands of tea or automobiles are ultimately selling them imported goods, only difference is that these white-labeled brands or companies produce nothing, but they are just re-assembling imported parts, or packing imported tea, and bring it to them in more localized desi avatar, to make them feel home, but the reality is, that it is NOT really good.

And what if they argue that these parts are made in Pakistan, yes that would be true to some extent, but the chemicals, polymers or alloys are mostly imported.

It would rather be very useful if we try to promote and benefit locally made articles who’s raw material is locally sourced, not that imported one, not such of those who are using more than their own’ stuff.

By promoting such local brands they are indirectly contributing towards surge of dollars towards a wrong direction, which is creating more shortage in exchequer.

I don’t understand the motive behind this, but I feel they are almost morons, perhaps they don’t have complete knowledge of product lifecycle or they don’t understand the ecosystem, their efforts are unanimously leech away the precious dollar, for which we have dire shortage.

Instead of doing this, their goal must be to discourage value added manufacturing of consumables for domestic use. We don’t need those consumables, but we have to make our own consumables with completely locally sourced resources for both domestic consumption & probably for export purpose.

Value added manufacturing is ONLY good when their final destination is elsewhere rather than that of the land of product’ origin.

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